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You may pay for the session plan of your choice now  OR  make payment for your upcoming session plan after the consult call before the scheduled sessions.

Refund Policy:  If you need to reschedule, please give 24-hours notice.  Refunds are not given, however a credit for a future session will be given with 24-hours notice.  No shows will not be given credit for a future session.  Thank you for your understanding.


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TOLPAKAN HEALING FOUNDATIONAL INITIAL PKG of 6 (40-min) sessions - $570.00
TOLPAKAN HEALING FOUNDATIONAL INITIAL PKG of 4 (40-min) sessions - $400.00
~~Tolpakan Healing Individual 40-min follow up (AFTER initial 4 sessions) - $90.00
BEYOND TOUCHSTONE INITIAL PKG of 4 TOLPAKAN + 4 F.I.X. CODE Laser sessions - $520.00
~~Tolpakan Healing + F.I.X. Code Laser follow up session (AFTER initial pkg) - $120.00
F.I.X. CODE FOUNDATIONAL INITIAL PKG -(1) 40-minute + 4 half hour sessions - $400.00
~~F.I.X. Code - Individual 40-minute follow up (AFTER initial pkg) - $88.00
~~F.I.X. Code Laser - Individual 20-minute follow up (AFTER initial pkg) - $55
EMOTION CODE - 40 minute session - $90.00
PETS - TOLPAKAN & EMOTION CODE Energetic Healing - $55

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