Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code?

Everything begins with “energy,” in fact, everything is energy. The chair you sit on, the car you drive, the food you eat; you are made of energy. Thoughts, emotions, feelings; are all energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) calls the body’s life energy “chi.” It flows through channels in the human body known as meridians. TCM has knowingly worked with energy medicine for thousands of years.

Life experiences can be difficult; heartbreak, disappointment, loss; we’ve all been there. Traumas, as well as injuries, can leave cellular memories in your brain or body tissue that impede normal body movement or function, even after the physical body has healed. Unless fully processed and released, the energy of these negative experiences can get lodged in our energy field or anywhere in the physical body, as a ball of trapped emotions such as, anger, fear, or bitterness, affecting our lives on a subconscious level. Each energy has it’s own frequency or vibration which will affect your overall well being. It is similar to having hidden code in a text document that causes inexplicable and annoying behavior. You just know there is a problem, you can see the text errors, but you cannot see the cause. Trapped emotions cause emotional and physical imbalances that lead to emotional distress, disease, and hamper recovery. As noted by Chris Wark, Cancer Survivor, Author and Lecturer; “stress comes from negative emotions; it comes from not forgiving, it comes from bitterness and resentment and all negativity in your mind and in your life. It raises your anxiety. It raises your stress which starts in your mind being anxious, but that translates into your body. It raises your stress hormones to cope and that’s adrenaline and cortisol. And those hormones are immunosuppressant.”

Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code, developed a method to find and remove these trapped emotions through muscle testing (kinesiology), which also work at a distance. Using a chart of 60 emotions derived from years of working with this method, a connection is made to the subconscious mind which holds all of your memories. Dr Bruce Lipton at Stanford University Medical Center, says it is your subconscious mind that “ultimately casts the deciding vote” on how much success, abundance, happiness, health and freedom you’ll experience; “Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs…” Once a trapped emotion is found, it can then be removed by running a magnet down the Governing Meridian, a major energy channel, removing it permanently.

Everyone can benefit from the Emotion Code; children, adults and animals. It can be used to remove blocks to heal emotional issues and old emotional baggage, fight or flight re-activity, relationships, imbalances that contribute to disease, and blocks to financial or personal goals. Many lives around the planet have been improved through The Emotion Code.

What is a Heart Wall?

The heart’s magnetic field is measured by a machine called a magnetocardiogram (MCG). Scientists have found that the heart’s magnetic field extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body. Our heart has recently been described as a “heartbrain”. Each heart beat sends messages to all the cells of the body. The brain in your head obeys messages sent by the heart; the heart can think for itself and has the ability to remember things, as evidenced by many transplant stories. The heart has been understood to be the seat of our soul, our core and the source of our love and creativity.

If you have experienced heartbreak in your life, sometimes your subconscious mind will want to protect you from experiencing heartbreak again. With this intention, it will build an “energy wall” around your heart, maybe more than one. Imagine going through life, with your intentions having to make their way through this wall, made up of trapped emotions. You may be doing just that. Now imagine how much easier life would be, if you did not have this wall impeding your heart’s desires. Even though it was put there to protect you, it no longer serves your needs. It’s like living in a bomb shelter, when the danger has long passed. We believe that the heart wall is implicated in heart disease, neck, shoulder, upper back pain and lowered immunity. Heart communication with the body is lowered by a heart wall. Testing indicates that approximately 93% of people are moving through life with a heart wall. Perhaps you are one of them. Imagine the freedom of emerging from behind that wall and the lightness of being that can be experienced, without this truly literal wall. How much easier would it be for you to “follow your heart”?

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