A Few of My Favorite Tools

Below are links to some of my favorite things:

MagicDichol – Nano Soma link *
MagicDichol Nano Soma is an amazing trigger for your body to heal itself & no longer need nutritional supplements.  My body is supported in so many ways: I absoultely love & appreciate Nano Soma.

MagicDichol Intoduction Video
MagicDichol – New User Video

Block therapy is hands down, my favorite physical tool & in my opinion, the missing key to optimal wellness in our physical, emotional & energetic bodies.

Free Heartmath tools  from the HeartMath Institute

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Ho’ Oponopono, a technique that can be used anytime and anywhere

Essential Oils Desk Reference

Animal Desk Reference Essential Oils for Animals

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton PhD

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