Human Bioelectricity

Electric frequencies are the measurable vibrations of electric energy flowing between two points.  Everything that lives has a frequency.  So what does that have to do with essential oils?

According to Tainio Technology Institute, Eastern State University, Cheney, Washington, the following are electromagnetic frequencies of the human body:

  • Normal frequency of brain (head) between 6am & 6pm equals 70-78 Hz
  • The healthy human body (below head; between 6am & 6pm) has a frequency of 62 – 68 Hz.

Tests found that just holding a cup of coffee decreases frequency by 8 Hz, taking the body 3 days to restore its frequency.  One drink of coffee reduces the body’s frequency by 14 Hz.  After inhaling a therapeutic grade essential oil of 75 Hz, the test person’s normal frequency was regained within 21 seconds.

Even negative thinking while applying essential oils decreases the oil’s frequency by 12 Hz, while positive thoughts increase the oil’s frequency by 10 Hz and praying during application of essential oils, increased the oil’s frequency by 15Hz.

The highest known frequency oil is Idaho blue spruce, 428 Hz, followed by rose, 320 Hz and Sacred Frankincense, 191 Hz.

So say your prayers and use your therapeutic grade essential oils!!