P1000665Aloha, can be used as a greeting or a farewell. A few words from the Hawaiian Dictionary’s description of the meaning of Aloha are love, compassion, kindness, and grace. It is also said that it derives from a compound of Hawaiian words alo, meaning “presence” and ha, meaning “breath of life.”  Living in Hawaii and connecting with the Aloha Spirit goes hand in hand with energy work. The word itself is said to possess clearing energy.

We are so privileged to have such amazing energy healing tools and techniques such as The Emotion Code, F.I.X. Code, & Tolpakan Healing.  Methods brought to us through innovative leaders in their fields, to help support us in aligning with our journey, your journey and your heart’s desire, navigating your way with the full potential of Aloha!

A Kahuna Prayer

Take all that I say,

And toss away
Without a thought
All that does not
Strike within You
A Recognition.
For You do not learn Wisdom and Love
You only encounter
Catalysts to remember it.
For it is all
Within Yourself.