Diana Limoge, CTHP

Be inspired and empowered to step into heart-centered living and into your highest potential.

Energetic remedies are now available to all of us! We have the ability to release unsupportive energies and raise our frequency and vibration. In doing so, we may see new possibilities and be able to navigate life through guidance from the wisdom of our heart, as well as the intelligence of our mind. The energetic frequency of our thoughts, words and actions influences our mind and body. Removal of heart walls  & parasitic programs allow our heart’s wisdom to shine through. Clients from all walks of life have experienced clearing of issues, resolved conflicts, overall improvement and well being in their lives.

My own life experiences led me down the spiritual path and out of the corporate world, initially to become a “spiritual” dog trainer. Several years later, courses and certifications were completed that did not quite fit my heart’s desires. Finally I discovered Tellington TTouch, a method of training and communication with animals that is effective and kind. Thus followed my enrollment and certification as a practitioner for companion animals.

My education continued through research, classes and numerous webinars.  I discovered the Emotion Code, and the results were astounding. Noticing that many of my clients were having more difficulty getting past their dogs behavioral history then the dogs did; a light bulb went on! I became a certified Emotion Code practitioner to be able to release baggage from both the pet and their human, opening greater possibilities for communication and healing, as well as expediting results with TTouch. Before I knew it, my clientele became more two legged then four legged!

My discovery of Tolpakan Healing followed, which put energetic healing on Turbo charge with even more amazing results, so became certified immediately when classes became available.

I then became a F.I.X. Code practitioner which is a dynamic energetic healing method that exceeds in excellence and immediate gratification, working with your unconscious mind.

And that’s how Conscious Canine evolved into Energetic Remedies. If you have been dealing with long- term issues, are transitioning to a new career or relationship status or just want to get out of your own way,  Schedule a Free Consultation Call