Frequently Asked Questions

Emotion Code
What does a session look like?
Currently all of my clients have opted for email sessions due to ease and convenience, while still being fully informed. Email sessions also allow the session to go deeper without interruption. All sessions begin with a phone call to discuss your issues and goals. Afterward, questions are formulated which reflect your goals from our conversation. You are then informed of the date of the session and sent a fully detailed report on that day. If you have any questions, email support, or a phone call if needed, is included. Sessions last between 25 and 45 minutes.

What if I don’t remember anything associated with a particular trapped emotion or time frame in my report?
After finding a trapped emotion, we ask if any further information is required. If “no,” it can be released. If “yes”, we find the age that it was formed (give or take a year). You may immediately remember an associated memory or you might not. Sometimes the memory is buried deep within the subconscious mind or the event may have seemed insignificant at the time, so did not register as important. Either way, your subconscious mind will direct your session to the trapped emotions that need to be released.

How many sessions do I need?
Every individual and their needs are unique. Dr. Nelson has said that people usually have a trapped emotion for every day of the year. You may choose to experience two or three sessions for best results. If you have a heart wall, usually 4 sessions or more are needed. Some clients choose to have ongoing sessions and some have brush up sessions as needed.

What can I expect after a session?
After your emotion code session you will process for approximately 3 days, which will be in your report. During that time you may feel an immediate positive shift, or more emotional or agitated and your symptoms may feel somewhat increased. You may also feel tired or the urge to cry without any apparent reason. Sometimes there is no noticeable change. All of these responses are perfectly normal. You will want to drink plenty of filtered water to assist your cells during processing days. Additionally, it would be beneficial to utilize grounding practices such as walking barefoot on the earth, the grass, or the beach. Epsom salt baths are also great for grounding. Meditation, therapeutic essential oils, self nurture practices, even doing something fun can reap additional benefits and help to process more easily.

What is muscle testing?
Muscle testing is derived from Chinese medicine and was introduced into western culture in the early 20th century. Your body is an organism which responds to positive or negative input. By applying pressure to a muscle in the body, it will momentarily go strong in reaction to a statement considered to be truth or congruent by the subconscious mind. Alternatively, the muscle will go weak in response to a statement that the subconscious mind considers to be false or incongruent. Like a lie detector or polygraph, the body will reveal the truth by accessing the subconscious mind which archives and remembers everything.

How does distance energy healing work?
When practitioners allow their bodies to be used to benefit another person by distance, it is called Proxy Testing. It enables testing at any distance by putting the needs of the practitioner/proxy person’s body aside temporarily to help another. As explained by Dr. Nelson, our bodies have a built in capacity to “dial” someone else and create an energetic connection with them. The procedure starts with a silent prayer for guidance and gratitude for the impending success of the session. Permission is asked to connect and act as proxy, when confirmed by muscle testing, the session proceeds. The practitioner is the subject for all practical purposes during that connection for testing and correction of trapped emotions. It’s like being in two places at one time, referred to as non locality in quantum physics. Connection is broken by the practitioner and confirmed by muscle testing when the session is over.

Why haven’t I seen any changes or why did my issue return?
Sometimes people have many trapped emotions from their unique life experiences. Each person is different in the number of trapped emotions they may have. The body can only process so much during each session. Once trapped emotions are released, like layers in an onion, other trapped emotions can then be revealed to be released. It took time to collect the number of trapped emotions you may have. Sometimes noticeable improvement results immediately, sometimes patience and more sessions are required, if a person is carrying many trapped emotions. Each person’s subconscious mind will only allow specific trapped emotions to be released at the right time for the purpose of their highest good.

Tellington TTouch
What is TTouch?
TTouch is a communication and training technique that assists animals with behavioral and health issues. TTouch consists of 4 aspects: 1) body touches 2) ground work exercises 3) specific equipment and 4) intention. The foundation of TTouch is to improve physical balance, thereby influencing mental and emotional balance as well.

Is TTouch a form of massage?
No, TTouch only moves the skin, not the muscle tissue. It is a connection with the nervous system and the brain centers of your animal. It increases cellular communication and deepens the bond between pet and human.

Can anyone learn TTouch?
Yes, no prior experience is necessary. Just learning a few touches, and/or how to put a wrap on your pet, can dramatically improve your pets behavior. And the addition of some simple leash/equipment techniques can dramatically improve your dog on your daily walk.

Is TTouch helpful for my pets health?
Yes, along with proper veterinary care, TTouch can support your animals health and even assist in quicker recovery time after surgery. It helps improve physical, mental and emotional balance, as well as movement and circulation in the body.

I don’t have extra time, how can I fit TTouch into my already busy day?
The easiest way to incorporate TTouch into your day is to simply TTouch your pet when you would normally pet him anyway. A minute here and a minute there during the day; as little as 5 minutes per day will bring about marked change.