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… for people and pets – Tolpakan Healing

♥… for people – F.I.X. Code

… for people and pets – Emotion Code

... for dogs and cats – Tellington TTouch

  …for people and pets – Therapeutic Essential Oils

Testimonials – do not constitute a guarantee or prediction of outcome for any individual using energy healing for any issue

Aloha shines through in every interaction I’ve had with Diana over the years!  The abundance of love, compassion, kindness and grace that she brings to her services allows for support and encouragement that helps during even the most challenging and confusing of issues.  A combination of Emotion Code, TTouch and essential oils was exactly what my rescue pup and I needed when his separation anxiety exacerbated to severe levels after a recent move.  Diana was always there to answer any questions I had along the way and she really made me feel like she cared about our progress.  Her knowledge, insights and guidance have been invaluable to both me and my pups!
Michelle S., Carrboro, NC                        

I have greatly benefited from my Emotion Code sessions with Diana—from successfully pushing through blocks about getting my book published, to relief with headaches, as well as the work she has done helping my cat to integrate better into the family. It may sound crazy, but Diana  has made my life run smoother!   

A. Wray, Maui, HI                                  

I give high praise to the healing work done by Diana .  As an Emotion Code Practitioner she has, and continues to move me forward in my life in positive ways. I couldn’t tell you how it works, but I can tell you that it works for me!

 Steve S., Maui, HI                       ♥

Diana’s work is subtle, yet profound and palpable. She somehow eliminates the root causes of our lifelong issues and dysfunctions. After working with Diana I feel lighter at heart and more at ease with myself. She is a charm to work with, insightful, highly compassionate and understanding.

 Gail T., Maui, Hawaii                      ♥

Working with Diana is a joy, so much has changed since we started working together on old issues.

Amanda A., Portland, Oregon