Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Practitioner (CTHP)

Personalized Energetic Healing & Transformation


My goal is your personal empowerment.  Whether you are struggling with physical issues such as autoimmunity, or spiritual issues such as recurring nightmares, persecution or sabotage, I can help release these blocks and connect you with your heart’s wisdom. If you are a sensitive soul and  struggling with your sensitivity, I can help you restore healthy energetic boundaries, and heal any imbalance through multiple lives and timelines.

  • Understand underlying reasons for feeling stuck, stressed, blocked and/or reasons for illness or symptoms.
    • Get answers to the question “Why is this happening?” with great precision with the help of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Guides
    • Release negative energies such as vows, curses, cords, and entities.
    • We have the spiritual power to heal multidimensionally and multiversally (meaning past, present, future and alternate timelines all at once)

Unlike many popular healing modalities, TOLPAKAN™ keeps evolving and is immune to entity interference. You’ll experience practitioner-perfected protocols and associated assessments for the most efficient and effective way to help achieve greater joy, love, peace, health and prosperity.

TOLPAKAN™ Healing may be right for you if you would like to be self empowered to heal, participatory in this energy work, and take personal responsibility for your health and life.   TOLPAKAN™ Healing may be right for you if you are committed to personal growth and evolution and want to express your true Soul’s desire and lifetime mission, have an open mind and heart, and you are open to miracles.